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Une pétition contre les pendaisons en Iran

Le message vient de l'IRanian Queer organization (IRQO). Je m'en fais le relais. Pour ceux qui auraient besoin d'une traduction, ou de détails supplémentaires, me contacter svp. This petition come from IRanian Queer organization (IRQO).


October 10th, World Day Against the Death Penalty Stop Capital Punishment


edam4b.jpgCapital Punishment is an inhuman retribution and contributes to the vain circle of violence and retaliation within society.  So far, no country in the world has shown signs of decrease in crime by enforcing capital punishment, especially when totalitarian regimes use execution as a legitimate means to oppress, diminish and murder their opponents and opposition groups. On the other hand, psychological side-effects of executions, in short and long terms, are damaging to the victims' survivors as well as to the executers of the punishments. Add to this the fact that execution reduces society's sensitivity against violence and violent behavior. For the foundations of a civil society, for democracy and establishment of human rights, to respect the rights and the safety of alternative and freethinkers and to promote a non-violence culture, the omission of capital punishment is the first and foremost step. 
We, the undersigned of this statement, may have different political, social and cultural believes and objectives, but we all have come to agree on one point, and that is, the importance of abolishment of capital punishment for the sake of Iranian society. We urge everyone to get involved actively in a wide spread war against capital punishment in Iran and help achieve this national goal through joined efforts of all Iranians.


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